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Munch Immersive


MUNCH Immersive is an exploration of the unconsciousness of each of us



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Next Museum hosts
Munch Immersive

For the first time in Europe the immersive experience in the emotions of the "painter of the soul": Edvard Munch.

The immersive exhibition is dedicated to the hypnotic artist known worldwide for "The Scream," which has become an iconic image of art. The power of current technology, combined with a unique style of denunciation and breaking the artistic patterns of the past, make the exhibition an unforgettable experience.

The course will consist of five main areas.

It begins with an understanding of Munch's life - with his timeline - to give the audience an understanding of the most salient facts that conditioned his life and art, making him the "painter of the soul." Beginning with his childhood, clouded by illness, grief and the terror of inheriting a condition of mental psychosis that had frequently run in his family. Thoughts and anxieties that would feature prominently throughout his immense artistic output of over twelve thousand paintings, some of them reproduced in a corridor of lightboxes.

This is followed by the important immersive area of over three hundred square meters where walls, floor, and every structural element of the location vanish on the journey inside the artist's mind. As Munch's torment was transformed into a painting, the subconscious becomes a visual image with shadows, moving matter, eyes, fusion of bodies, love, jealousy and representation of pain.

The exhibition continues with the educational room where young and old can learn more about the masterpiece of "The Scream" in its technique and inspiration, trying their hand at redrawing it while unleashing their own creative flair.

The tour ends with the hall of soul mirrors, scenically lit by candles: the visitor is reflected and in the soft light dematerializes, becoming a work of art.



Via Luigi Granelli, 1,
20099 Sesto San Giovanni - MILAN
TEL +39 351 8629216


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The Italian set-up, curated by Alta Classe LAB staff, made use of Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with innovation partner MORGHI.AI. Each visitor will be able to bring out all their most extreme emotions, turning them into a scream. Depending on the vibration of the voice, the artificial intelligence will convert that scream into a work of art, associating it with one of Munch's paintings.


Virtual Reality and reconstructions: Munch welcomes you.

And with the virtual reality experience: wearing theQuest 3 VR oculus, the visitor can move, walk and act within Munch's mental labyrinth.

The location

Milan's Next Museum is located in an attractive urban redevelopment area, the city's dynamic new center of events and activities.

A venue that also serves as a laboratory and content hub, in collaboration with universities in the area, creating educational pathways for technology development and design.

Each exhibition is always previewed in Milan, tested and refined for worldwide distribution.
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