Sweeter than light

The Gold Experience


The feeling of gold on the skin,
A thousand radiant foils between the fingers,
the extraordinary and enveloping touch of Art.


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Sweeter than light

The Next Museum invites you to visit KLIMT - THE GOLD EXPERIENCE, the immersive exhibition dedicated to the revolutionary and hypnotic artist who made the sensuality of gold his inimitable signature style.

As a revolutionary, we are certain that Klimt would appreciate the innovative and multisensory experience of his works that you will experience inside the Next Museum in Turin.

The power of technology, combined with the splendor of the finest art, will take you into a world of enchantment and wonder, breaking down limits and barriers with a breath of light.

A very sad story of beauty and destruction

The painting "Medicine," depicting the health goddess Hygieia standing in front of a column formed by a naked and twisted humanity, was commissioned for the ceiling of the Great Hall of the University of Vienna.

Its presentation in 1901 caused the immediate outrage of the Athenaeum, which decided to reject the painting.
When officials arrived to collect the painting, Klimt brandished a rifle, returning the full amount he received for the work.

Later sold to a wealthy painter friend of his, "Medicine" was confiscated by the Nazis at the beginning of the war and was moved to a remote Austrian castle in 1943 to protect it from bombing. The night before the end of the world conflict, some SS officers decided to spend the night in the fortress in the very room housing Klimt's painting. The next morning, believing that that work of art was too beautiful to fall into the hands of the Russian enemy, the officers blew up the castle, destroying forever even the wonderful "Medicine."



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Walls disappear, slipping into gold

Thanks to technologies such as Videomapping and multimedia projections, the walls, floors, and every structural element of the Next Museum vanish, to melt into a sea of gold.
The Kiss, The Tree of Life, The Hope: let these paintings literally welcome you inside, flooding you with light for long moments made of unparalleled harmony and beauty.

Virtual Reality and reconstructions: Klimt welcomes you.

In the Virtual Reality section, wearing the Visor, you will enter Gustave Klimt's studio and, guided by his own voice, walk alongside him to traverse the evocative landscapes that inspired him during his lifetime.

The location


Turin's Next Museum is located in an attractive urban redevelopment area, the city's dynamic new center of events and activities.

A venue that also serves as a laboratory and content hub, in collaboration with universities in the area, creating educational pathways for technology development and design.

Each exhibition is always previewed in Turin, tested and refined for worldwide distribution.
We are waiting for you!

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