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The immersive exhibitions
most exciting in Europe.


We want the whole world to get excited
experiencing art, culture, and history as never-before experiences


We want to be the creators of inimitable immersive art exhibitions, harnessing the latest technology to find innovative keys to the art of all times.


New ways of knowing, wondering, having fun.
The Next Museum is the brainchild of Next Exhibition, to make Art an experience of intriguing wonder for all.
As you enter the Next Museum, you pass through a mirror of meaning.
You will be able to find yourself inside one of the world's most famous paintings, touch its colors, hear its sounds.
You will be able to walk the streets that the greatest artists trod.
You will experience Art in a whole new way, thanks to the highest immersive technology.
Don't expect the usual captioned painting: you can breathe Art here!
What universe do you want to open wide?

The immersive exhibitions

Sweeter than the light

The Gold Experience

The sensation of gold on the skin, a thousand radiant plates between the fingers, the extraordinary and enveloping touch of Art
Nothing will have the same color anymore

Van Gogh

A universe full of swirling shapes, disarming landscapes absolute emotions.
The Exposition of Universal Love

The Immersive Experience

An extraordinary new immersive exhibition: colourful, fun and above all strictly Instagrammable

Next Museum hosts

Munch Immersive

For the first time in Europe the immersive experience in the emotions of the ‘painter of the soul’: Edvard Munch