“Van Gogh Experience: 5 Curiosities about Vincent Van Gogh”

Van Gogh Experience

After the success in Turin, Next Museum is getting ready to launch the Van Gogh Experience in Rome!

Discover with us 5 curiosities about one of the most beloved painters of all time, and get ready for the upcoming Van Gogh Experience!

1. The Faith

Van Gogh’s entire life was marked by a deep spirituality. This religious fervor led him to pursue ecclesiastical studies and move to England, to Ramsgate, where he was employed at a small college as a teacher and assistant to Reverend T. Slade Jones, a Methodist pastor. Vincent’s religious obsession, however, led him to clash with local pastors and ultimately be dismissed.

2. The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters was the result of an intense period during which Van Gogh worked as an evangelist missionary in Wasmes, in the mining region of Borinage (Belgium). ). During this time, he dedicated himself to the local community of miners, to the point of neglecting self-care and material concerns.

3.Friendship with Paul Gauguin

After a timely meeting in Paris, Gauguin agreed to move to Provence with Van Gogh in 1888. It was a period of intense artistic activity and experimentation for the two painters, not without disagreements and even violent clashes. Gauguin’s decision to leave Provence eventually triggered a violent mental breakdown in Van Gogh.

4. Correspondence with His Brother

Around 668 letters addressed by the painter to his beloved brother Theo have been preserved to this day. This collection of letters represents an invaluable document, a testimony of Van Gogh’s deep and tormented emotional life, his empathy and sensitivity, as well as his uncompromising artistic vision.

5. Late Bloomer.

Van Gogh started painting at the age of 27, which wasn’t considered “young” by the standards of his time. Despite this, he was an incredibly prolific painter, completing about two paintings a week, totaling 900 paintings and 1100 drawings by the year of his death in 1890 at the age of 37.

If, like us, you can never get enough of Van Gogh, visit the Van Gogh exhibition in Rome starting from October 28, 2023!

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