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Impressionism is the everyday of the soul



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An engaging
multi-sensory experience
to celebrate 150 years
Of the first Impressionist exhibition.

The exhibition "Monet and the Impressionists - Digital Experience" opens in the heart of Rome.
Video mapping, virtual reality, original works and interactive rooms for an immersive multisensory experience to celebrate 150 years since the first Impressionist exhibition, held in the spring of 1874 in the Paris studio of photographer Nadar.

The more than 1,000 square meters of exhibition are divided into different areas that follow a simple narrative suitable for the whole family, always pursuing the goal ofeduntainment, that is, educating by entertaining.

The curatorship first analyzes the insights that led to a different technique, regarded as the most disruptive innovation in the process of painting's evolution. Painting en plein air to express the precise desire to represent natural light, to capture the pure beauty of the contrasts between light and shadow, with strong, vivid, real colors.


Disappearing walls, art enters the scene

The videomapping, which lasts for about twenty minutes, is offered in show mode, with quota entrances at a fixed time, in order to make it as enjoyable as possible for the audience to enjoy the video from the comfort of their chairs in the room. Becoming part of the experience, the protagonist of the virtual impressionist painting.

New to the immersive room is the addition of architectural lights, which, in a true light show always in keeping with the colors and hues of the four seasons.

The location


The Next Museum's headquarters is located in Rome, in the former Avila cinema, a short walk from Villa Borghese, at Corso d'Italia 37.

The Capitoline venue, in collaboration with the national newspaper "L'Espresso," has for Next Museum a strong connotation of representing the project, involving and raising awareness among institutions on the theme of the marriage of technology and art. The large space is multifunctional, suitable not only for hosting immersive exhibitions, but also conferences and social events.

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