Nothing will ever be the same color again

Van Gogh


A dense universe of swirling shapes,
disarming landscapes
absolute emotions.



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macro schermi avvolgenti


Nothing will ever be the same color again

The Next Museum invites you to the VAN GOGH EXPERIENCE, the internationally beloved multimedia exhibition that enchants the senses by immersing them in the immense work of Vincente Van Gogh.

You will be the living protagonists of the legendary artist's paintings: under your feet the pebbles he painted, between your fingers the dazzling yellow of his thousand sunflowers.
Prepare your senses for awe, for a universe of light and shadow, on the borderline nuances between reality and dream.

Whoever you are, whatever age you are, whatever your story, Van Gogh will know how to get to the core of your emotions. And you, thanks to the Next Museum's technology, can literally reach the center of his inspirations.

Van Gogh forerunner of multisensoriality

An unusual curiosity about Vincent van Gogh's life is his peculiar method of eating.
It is said that Van Gogh was so obsessed with colors, to the point of tasting small amounts of them directly from his palette. A decidedly extravagant behavior, documented in letters written by the artist himself and in the accounts of his contemporaries.

Van Gogh was fascinated by the world of colors and their vividness, so much so that he wanted to
experiment not only through painting, but also through taste. Apparently, he harbored the belief that swallowing traces of pigments could amplify his sensory perception and foster his creativity.

The artist often spread the colors on the palette and, with a quick and curious movement, tasted them with the tip of his tongue. It is said that he preferred mineral-based pigments, such as cobalt for blue or ochre for yellow, which had a finer consistency and a less toxic taste than other chemical-based colors.

This eccentric and singular behavior of Van Gogh surprised the people around him and often made him the subject of oddities and gossip in the art community of the time. However, it seems that for him savoring colors was part of his artistic pursuit and his deep connection with the visual world.


Timetable week 20/05-26/06 and week 27/05-2/06

Tuesday 21: last show 19:30
Wednesday 22nd: last show 19:00
Thursday 23rd: last show 19:00
Friday 24: last show 20
Saturday 25: last show 20
Sunday 26: Last pass 20
Monday 27: Last show at 20:00
Tuesday 28: last show at 7.30pm
Wednesday 29th: last show at 20:00
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday 31: last show at 20:00
Saturday 1 June: last performance at 8pm
Sunday 2: last show at 20:00

SUMMER OPENING HOURS (week of June 3rd until closing)

Monday and Tuesday: closed
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: first show at 12 noon and last show at 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: first show at 11am and last show at 8pm.


week: 14.50 €
weekend: 16.50 €

week: 12.50 €
weekend: 14.50 €

Groups: 10.50 €
Schools: €8.50
Open: 18.50 €

Disappearing walls, art enters the scene

Thanks to Videomapping and multimedia projections, the walls, floors and every structural element of the Next Museum will vanish to become art. In their place are swirls of blue and yellow, starry skies and crows in flight, fleshy flowers and rooms of anomalous perspective.

Virtual Reality and Reconstructions: Van Gogh welcomes you.

In the field of Virtual Reality, thanks to the latest generation Oculus, you will enter the painter's mind, looking through his eyes at familiar places and landscapes.
And what better setting, then, for the selfie of the whole family than the faithful reconstruction of your room?

The location

Next Museum BILBAO

The Next Museum's headquarters is located in Bilbao, C/Blas de Otero, 54A.

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